What is the "classic" drone?

Democratized in recent years, the drone has invaded the world. It has become an indispensable asset in video production.

Indeed, it can replace the helicopter because it is less expensive and especially much more versatile! It saves time and gives the possibility of redoing shots or photos if necessary.

Moreover, all sectors can benefit from it: sport, tourism, building, architecture…

What are the prerequisites to be able to fly a drone?

In order to be able to carry out the aerial photographs it is necessary to have a diploma of theoretical examination, a driver’s license and to obtain the authorizations near the prefecture and the civil aviation.

What are the types of drones we use?

Mavic 2 pro

It is the first of the category used by the professionals of the image. Being foldable, it allows by design to realize shots in a fast way. Equipped with a 1 inch 20 million pixels camera, it realizes up to 30 images per second in 4 K.


It is the elite of aerial photography and requires, due to its complexity, 2 people, including a pilot and a cameraman, to carry out the shots.
Equipped with a motorized arm allowing to position a 360 degrees camera, it realizes images while being able to move up to 101 km/h.


It is the new of the DJI range.
Being the fastest, it realizes daring and audacious shots thanks to the proximity flight with the subjects and the reliefs. See the tab dedicated to FPV drones to have more details on the specificities of this drone