What is the FPV drone?

The abbreviation FPV comes from the English for “First Person View”. It is a new method of taking pictures with a drone.

Thanks to an embedded camera positioned on the drone, it is as if you were in the air.

What is the difference with a classic drone?

The FPV is piloted from a mask in which you are immersed. It is absolutely not stabilized by GPS and it is customizable.

Each battery offers a flight of about 4 to 5 minutes against 25 minutes for a classic drone.

The particularities of the FPV drones are to make high speed (beyond 200km/h), proximity shots and obstacle crossing. Indoor shooting and public flying will be possible with an FPV weighing less than 250 grams.

The FPV also allows to obtain a high quality image because it embarks a 4K camera, more commonly a Gopro or 360 camera. Once the shots are taken, we must combine them with the gyroscope of the camera to stabilize the image and obtain a pure image.

FPV is a real revolution that has also given a new dimension to the world of video.

Everything that is absolutely impossible to do with a classic drone becomes possible with FPV: making high speed shots at ground level, over water, following vehicles, passing between obstacles at high speed.

The different types of drone :


The small Beta 95x allows us to fly over crowds thanks to its weight of less than 250g equipped with a boneless gopro of 13 grams with a high quality.


The Squirt allows us to do proximity flying in the open air to easily and quickly get through multiple obstacles.


The AK allows us to do “freestyle” i.e. loops and other figures to capture spectacular images.


The Storm allows us to shoot at high speed, between 130 and 180km/h and to fly long distances over mountains for example.

Example :